The café aims to weave a fabric of positive relationships and experiences that stretch from our café out into the world.


The food and beverages industry is quite robust in Qatar. Tea and coffee houses, in particular, are growing fast within Qatar and across the GCC. Most new entrepreneurs move toward opening cafés or restaurants as the industry is attractive for new entrants. The annual revenues of food service companies in Qatar is about $1.3 billion (Qatar Tribune, 2018). Volume Café was founded by a Qatari entrepreneur, Mr. Rashid Al-Mansoori, in June 2017. Mr. Rashid study the Qatari food and beverages market carefully and the idea of establishing Volume Café came from his experience and knowledge about the market.

Our Mission

As for the mission, Volume Café defines it in “three words – Coffee, Culture &
Community. Volume Café’s mission is to offer our guests delicious coffee &
cuisine, exposure to diverse culture through our extensive library, and the
ability to participate in a dynamic community through our lounge, and
dining floor

Our Vision

Volume Café’s vision is to provide “a fresh, modern, welcoming space in which students, young professionals, and others from various backgrounds can meet, come together, build friendships, and learn from and become enriched by each other’s experiences.” The café aims to weave a fabric of positive relationships and experiences that stretch from our café out into the world”


The Concept

Volume Café is a two-floor café, library and event space located in Qanat Quartier in Pearl Qatar. It serves high quality food, coffee and desserts. It is a modern, space where people of all nationalities can enjoy quality food and drinks, meet friends, study, work and enrich their knowledge by reading from the café’s library selection of international books. Volume Café has a unique concept, a combined focus on feeding both the body and the brain.

Our Values

Excellent customer service skills

Excellent F&B knowledge

Excellent, Balanced food

Excellent motivated Personnel teams

Excellent long term Clients partnership

Excellent atmosphere and professionalism


Our Staff

In the food and beverage industry, the staff play a vital role in serving the customer. All employees are experienced in their field whether it is a barista, a waiter’s, management team and so on. Volume Café’s team comprises of a variety of specialties, nationalities, ages, and a mix between genders. All the staff are expats from different parts of the world – Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Eastern Europe, The diversity of the staff is a strength as there is a plethora of viewpoints, cultural values, skills, and experiences that all can share and learn from, which is the core purpose of Volume Café’s existence.